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CyberMonkey 6th January 2007 14:24

A51 forum fucked up
Het forum is dood, leve het forum!

Voor zij die het nog niet mochten wisten.

piotke 6th January 2007 15:02

what happened to the real forum ?

Blade 6th January 2007 15:47

Garnaal decided to close it down due to members of the forum "scaring away" members of the site. It seems a "good content provider of the site" left because of this.

piotke 6th January 2007 15:55

lol :D

jmke 6th January 2007 20:00

are you serious? is there any official word on this?

what a lame excuse, instead of properly moderating the forums, just closing the spam forums, or doing anything else constructive, they just closed it?

Blade 6th January 2007 23:07

There are rumors there is going to be some sort of official statement on monday.

BlackRabbit 7th January 2007 07:17

Guess 'his' girls were nagging about it?


The Senile Doctor 7th January 2007 08:00

haven't frequented in a looong time.

jmke 7th January 2007 09:06

I enjoyed the movie forum, console forum and the SupCom thread, now it's closed because he couldn't just close a "spamforum" ? instead he closed everything... how lame, way to go :/

geoffrey 7th January 2007 13:06

Got there once via Google not long ago. Any better then Same people, worse moderation?

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