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goingpostale1 16th January 2006 05:14

Xvid .avi DVD burning
I've currently got about 40 .avis in Xvid I 'd like on one or a group of DVDs. My problem is I don't know of any programs to convert them to burn to a DVD that can be read by a DVD player. I need a program that provides a menu of .avis to select to play when the DVD is put in a DVD Player. Any help is appriciated.

To clarify I need to take these .avis in xvid, put them on a DVD formatted for a DVD player. I need to be able to select which .avis to play from the DVD.

DUR0N 16th January 2006 07:28

Avi to dvd is the most difficult conversion if you want to do it right. en have some good guides for starters, but it will take you a few days before you get the result you wanted.

Bosw8er 16th January 2006 08:00

Most DVD players can "read" DivX-files.
Extremly easy (batch) conversion with "Dr. DivX"

No need to make a selectable menu for DivX-files, but the DVD-player-software does this for you on insertion of the DVD.

You can easily buy a DVD-player (can read DVD, DVD RW, CD, CD RW and formats like DivX, WMA, MP3, jpg, ... ) for about 35 eur

goingpostale1 9th February 2006 07:51

Found an almost Idiot proof utility. VSO Divx to DVD,the conversion and burning isnt fast at all, but its incredibly easy to use.

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