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chaddeus71 28th June 2009 18:50

xfx geoforce 260 Black Edition
Hello everybody,

Yes im a noob I know it sucks,but what can ya do? Any way, I just got a xfx geoforce 260 Black edition vid card, And i also have Nvidia system tools, I am getting bad artifacting after playing games for about 10 - 15 min. I have ramped up the gpus fan speed to 90% and still i get the darn artifacting. Nvidia sys tools reports the gpu temp at 124-127 f. So now i have underclocked the @#$*& core clock to 500 mhz mem clock to 1100 and shader to 1150. Can any body help? do I need to RMA? System specs are as follows:
Power supply: Tagan BZ 800 watt
Case:NZXT nemesis elite
Mem: 2x 2 Gig OCZ Reaper pc2 8500
CPU: Intel core 2 quad Q9650 at 3.0 ghz

jmke 2nd July 2009 01:26

if you underclock the GPU/MEM does the artifacts disappear?
I would opt for RMA, XFX should have a nice warranty

chaddeus71 2nd July 2009 19:30


Yes if i underclock the artifacts sometimes disappear,And you know what else is wierd,,,,It doesnt happen playing Microsoft FSX, I can run that game with graphics settings on high. Man I was hoping I did not have to RMA but if thats what you suggest I guess i will. Thanx for the reply dude

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