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DJ-EviL 19th October 2002 10:50

wirless cable connection
my brother has a samsung portable (
he wants to be connected to the internet all over his place
but without wires (its cable connection)

is it possible
if yes : what does he need

TerAngreal 19th October 2002 12:10

depends on what you mean exactly with "his place" ... an appartment, a small house, some bunker thingie with walls that are 3 ft each ...

it can be done in certain circumstances, but it costs a lot ... a while ago, i looked for somewhat the same equipment (but for normal pc's) ... what you're certainly going to need is a wireless base point / hub, and a wireless NIC ...

DJ-EviL 19th October 2002 13:12

its a BIG house
does somebody know a shop where he can buy it ?
*edit*(money is not a problem)

DJ-EviL 19th October 2002 13:58

ok i searched a littlebit :)

whats best ?

3com and syslink (11mbps)
D-link (up to 22mbps) but its a little pricier :)

RichBa5tard 19th October 2002 14:25

perhaps bluetooth? Slow but usable (1Mbps, 60~120kbps max), reasonably cheap and future proof: i've seen bluetooth printers, mobile phones, mp3 players, coffeesitapparatus...

DJ-EviL 19th October 2002 22:40

thx :)
but hes gonna buy d-link equipment (

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