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Bosw8er 24th January 2003 21:58

WINXP si teh sux0r
My homebox had crashed.

I de-assembled everything this afternoon.

Began with bare necessities and discovered faulty ddr banks. I fixed it. When i started it up it gave some XP activation message ... i didn't mind. I put the other HW in and now i want to get in XP and i get the same error that i already activated my copy ... i have to buy another copy .. it's the same HW, in the same slots ... nothing has changed !

ps: the only thing i can do is browse on this box.

ps: this is the last time i installed XP on a box ... W2K all the way

jmke 24th January 2003 22:02

lol had the same thing with Office XP on a Windows 2000 machine
used GHOST to make an exact copy from the old HD to the new one

booted from the new & removed the old one. No problems whatsoever..
2 days later owner informs me that he can't send mails with outlook/save in word/excel etc etc

he had to re-active his OfficeXP, just because the HD was changed.. :-/

concerning XP prob: try the Xp setup + restore/recovery

Bosw8er 24th January 2003 22:19

Which recovery console command do i type ?

Keep in mind that the active partition is on raid0 in NTFS.

"WinXP cannot find a previous installation"

My version of ghost works perfect on W2K ... not on XP (like a LOT of the software i have).

I think it's my punishment. I always stated XP was garbage. Then i found this mispriced XP pro for only 65 EUR .. i couldn't resist ... :grin:

Now i have a +2000 eur pc which can only browse ...

jmke 24th January 2003 22:20


Originally posted by Bosw8er

"WinXP cannot find a previous installation"

you have to press F6 during the setup & use your raid driver diskette

have no idea on the command..

in windows XP, if you use to activate.. what does it do?

Bosw8er 24th January 2003 22:27


Originally posted by jmke

a) you have to press F6 during the setup & use your raid driver diskette

b) have no idea on the command..

c) in windows XP, if you use to activate.. what does it do?

a) really ? :rolleyes:
I think the raid config takes place AFTER the repair screen ... ?

b) allthough it gives a boost to my ego that even the sw-mastah doesn't know .. i still ain't happy

c) logout

Bosw8er 24th January 2003 22:39

Nah, think i'm fuX0red.

tomorrow :
Format c:
Install W2K
Sell legal XP copy

jmke 24th January 2003 22:41

a) uhm.. when the setup loads it already states "press F6 to load..." , this happens before the option to chose install/repair/etc

b) the command line recovery console is very basic and has about 20 commands. most usefull to rename a faulty dll or change the boot.ini (have to use another PC to transfer the file to cause they forgot to add and editor :/) . Also the fixboot command can automatically fix boot.ini errors
so far the good things.. activation is stored into 1 file .wpa or something (google will have more specifics i'm sure ;) ), but you have to copy it BEFORE you make the HW changes, then copy it back afterwards.. this worked on XP vanilla in the beginning.. don't know if SP1 has fixed this glitch or not :/

// Will I have to reactivate my copy of Windows XP if I upgrade my hardware?

Unfortunately the only answer to this question is maybe. Microsoft states that changing some hardware items after activation will cause your activation to be invalid and require reactivation. Microsoft doesn't detail which hardware items are involved, but according to the white paper by Fully Licensed, the following components are all used to compute the installation ID:

Hard drive's volume serial number
Network card's MAC address
CD-ROM drive identification string
Graphics card identification string
CPU serial number string
Hard drive hard identification string
SCSI host adapter hardware identification string
IDE controller hardware identification string
CPU processor model string
RAM size
Whether the computer is able to be docked

c) -> :grum:

Bosw8er 24th January 2003 22:47

Thx for the effort.

Will try the .wpa file thingy

DUR0N 24th January 2003 22:56

call the ****ers and they should re-enable your key.

biCker 25th January 2003 01:17


Originally posted by DUR0N
call the ****ers and they should re-enable your key.
indeed, my first three format/installs I could do it via i-net, now I'm working with 8th installation of the same legal xp, it takes 5 minutes for the phone-call, and each time they give me a new key

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