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GiantKiller 13th June 2003 13:26

Where is the mobo temp. sensor located?
I have an Asus A7N8X non deluxe mobo.
My setup and pics:

I placed two fans at the right side of my case next to my cpu.
(not on the pics)

Blowing air into the case gave : cpu 38C mobo 35C
I turned the fans so they pulled air out off the case.
That gave the following temps : cpu 31C - mobo 41C

The back of my case is open.

My question.
Where is the sensor located which reads out the temp. of my mobo ????
I know for the cpu there are two ways. One. a sensor under the cpu in the middle of the cpusocket. Two. reading out the cpu itself.

But the mobosensor ?

Does anyone know ?

jmke 13th June 2003 21:37

some motherboards have 2 of them (mobo sensors)
one is placed in the close vicinity of the socket , the other at the bottom near the last PCI slots

GiantKiller 15th June 2003 13:09

You know why I asked this ?
In MBM 5 I've got MB:30C CPU:37C
In Asus Probe I've got MB:36C CPU:30C

I don't know which one I can believe.

Therefore I would like to know where the sensor of the mobo is located so I could put my finger on it for a little while so I could see which temp will go up. Then I know which one is the right one.

jmke 15th June 2003 13:14

check the BIOS

FreeStyler 15th June 2003 13:52

some are also on die diodes in the northbridge.

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