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ironleg1963 7th January 2009 03:32

what memory and video should i get
My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R VER.1.1 BIOS F12E
I have 4 1 gig sticks of OCZ ATI certified crossfire DDR2 PC2 800 MHZ and a Intel Q6600 Quad core 2.4 ghz with G0 stepping. I am going to updatye my video card but the board has only 1 PCI X 16 slot so I figured on a x2 model from ati would work. I have an Antec quttro true power modular 1000 watt with the 80% rating in an Antec 900 case, 2 samsung 500 gig hdd and a wd black 1 terabyte hdd. I have the M1 killer nic and an ageia physix card direct from ageia months before the nvidia buyout.
I want to switch to DDR3 because I have 2 slots and it can handle 4 gigs total. the DDR 2 slots can handle 8 gigs of DDR2 pc210666. My FSB is 1333 and the site mentioned it can overclock the ram and FSB to 1600 so what should I get? I play games and do media stuff on my computer for family website and family reunion dvd`s.

A ny advice is greatly appriciated as well as advice on how to achive the best performance on air. my cpu heatsink is a thermaltake ultima-90 with a vantec tornado 92mm x 323mm cooling fan, and the antec 900 case has 4 120mm fans and 1 200mm blowhole fan. I do not know if a 4870 x2, or a 4870 x 2 will fit in my case- if anyone knows the lengths( I am looking at the ASUS trifan heatsink, 3 fans and it takes 3 slots due to the after market cooling )

any advice is welcome.


jmke 7th January 2009 11:07

Antec 900 is long enough, it will fit , if you don't put a HDD right behind the VGA card.
Most important question though is: what monitor do you have?

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