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kunal32 28th May 2008 13:08

Is Vista for gaming ?
Hello friends im new on this forums

Whats the best operating system for gaming?
I have xp and also have an option of Vista home. Would this be better with a higher version of vista?
going to run a phenon or core 2 quad 6600

any help appreciated

jmke 28th May 2008 13:25

WinXP DX9 will give you higher FPS in all games; some Vista titles (2-3) offer slightly better GFX with DX10 but it has a large impact on performance.

Kougar 28th May 2008 18:12

XP for games. Games is one of the few things that still don't function properly under Vista... For example every time I exit TF2 the game "crashes" instead of closing properly. Vista always has done this, was never fixed. Ditto on the huge performance hit.

Qgirl 29th May 2008 17:19

i would suggest partitioning ur hard disk, one for XP and one for Vista. Yes Xp is better in terms of compatibility now but there some games out there which can only operate one Vista for eg. Company of Heroes. By havin 2 partitions and 2 windows, u can play all the DirectX 9 and 10 games on the market =D

jmke 29th May 2008 17:48

COH works perfectly under XP

BlackRabbit 29th May 2008 23:43


Originally Posted by jmke (Post 170728)
WinXP DX9 will give you higher FPS in all games; some Vista titles (2-3) offer slightly better GFX with DX10 but it has a large impact on performance.

For now ;)

jmke 30th May 2008 00:03

I'm afraid it will be for longer than you'd expect. You see, it took developers less than a year to find valid and noticeable improvements going from DX8.1 to DX9. We're still not even close to impressive differences worth switching over to DX10 here...

You do know that the main advantage of DX10 is not better graphics, but reduced driver overhead compared to DX9. Meaning that DX10 can do effects with a single pass/less work for the system compared to DX9. Reducing CPU usage however is not going to change performance much for gaming which is GPU/Video card limited:)

Microsoft's own Flight Simulator X which was to be a the "showcase of DX10" turned out not to look as expected/promised (not even close); visually not stunning or particularly better compared to a DX9 version; and its runs like a dog on anything but the most powerful systems.

I don't look forward to DX10 only titles; Microsoft was set to push some to be DX10 only to help sell Vista; but that didn't really turn out as expected, DX9 will stay around for quite a some time; 75% of the PCs out there still run DX9/XP. Unlike the 98>2000 or 2000>XP conversion, there is no real incentive for end users to use Vista over XP.

This leaves the gaming market with XP/Vista (75/20% currently) and if you want to sell your game and make it a success, you might want to consider going with the biggest user base: DX9.

Then add the fact that the XBOX 360 can't handle DX10 (it's somewhere between DX9 and DX10) and every multi-platform game is bound to developed to look good on DX9/XBOX360 with maybe a bit of fluff for DX10.

so "for now" may turn out a bit longer than you think;)

Qgirl 30th May 2008 07:49


Originally Posted by jmke (Post 170807)
COH works perfectly under XP

Yup it does! I juz went to check out the game details online...i was confused by the fact that it only runs on DirectX10 as the game came wif a DirectX10 installation if it's for DirectX 9, den why gimme the DirectX 10 disc? :shrug:

jmke 30th May 2008 08:36

that version will work on both XP/Vista; there will be two executables for the game.

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