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jmke 31st January 2005 20:58

Video overlay problems with new 6800GT
I replaced my aging R9700Pro with a brand spanking new 6800GT, however whenever I tried to run a movie in fullscreen with HW overlay acceleration enabled it would display quite a fuzzy image: only in Full screen, windowed mode was not effected.

I was using the latest 66.93 drivers, seems they don't suffice, as I had to install 71.20 to resolve the issue

nVidia should put the 71.20 drivers for download as a solution to this problem on their website, much like ATI did with their Catalyst update for Call of Duty.

Sidney 31st January 2005 21:58

R9700Pro would be an upgrade for me.:)

I remember GForce driver gave me lockup problem with "Flat Out"... I had to use one step down driver. The last new driver solved the problem.

jmke 31st January 2005 22:03

Flat Out runs now fluent 1280x1024x32bit max detail 4xFSAA/8xAS

on R9700Pro it ran fluent 1024x768x32bit med detail 0xFSAA/2xAS

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