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TeuS 5th September 2004 21:30

uncompressing divx movies
usually divx movies require more CPU power then a DVD movie (and deplete the battery life faster). this because the divx movie is compressed, and the decompressing while watching it takes more CPU power

I'm buying a laptop. how should I "decompress" the movies while I'm on net power, making my battery last longer then?

RichBa5tard 5th September 2004 21:32

I think there will virtually be no gain as your harddisk has to read 5 times as much.

TeuS 5th September 2004 21:44

I found full specs on a 60gb hdd:

21W CPU <> 5W HDD max peak

got any suggestion so I can try and see myself?

jmke 5th September 2004 22:00

VirtualDub can convert DIVX to other format, but not .vob . but to uncompressed .avi

Laagvliegerke 5th September 2004 22:03
This is what you need. Great site!
BTW, don't decompress a movie on a laptop. :D It takes me 6 to 7 hours to convert a XviD NTSC to a PAL-DVD with subtitles!

DUR0N 6th September 2004 20:10

Just play the movies as it is.
There is no such thing as 'decompressing' a divx movie, the only thing that comes close is converting it to an uncompressed avi, but that would take enourmous amounts of space. I'm talking about hundreds of gigabytes. :)

Bosw8er 6th September 2004 20:27


Originally posted by DUR0N
Just play the movies as it is.

Teus, you just won the most useless activity award for 2003-2004 :D
Hmm, might remember this one for an april fools day

tip : a long quality S-video cable will cost you about the same amount of money as the powercomsumption of "uncompressing" 2 divx movies ;)

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