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Juventino 23rd April 2005 08:49

TwinMOS on DFI Lanparty nf3 250gb

Here am I again with a question on the DFI Lanparty, is it possible to use TwinMOS memory with it? On my 'old' s754 (with the VIA chipset) TwinMOS worked just PERFECT. Will it work on the DFI as well?

Gamer 24th April 2005 07:36

trial and error.

Juventino 24th April 2005 08:43

What u mean?

Gamer 24th April 2005 08:44

you have to try it out, no one can tell for sure if it will work or not.

jmke 24th April 2005 09:22

DFI can tell you for sure though:)

Juventino 24th April 2005 09:46

I went to their site, and I didn't find a mem list, but I've heard Asus is the most picky mem brand, so I think it should run fine.

jmke 24th April 2005 14:00

email DFI support or visit their support forums

BAMBI 9th May 2005 18:04

I have a DFI Nf3 and running TwinMOS 1X512 DDR400 CL2.5 on it. works good can oc the ram to 225Mhz stable but cant change timings

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