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Liquid3D 19th February 2009 21:08

TOSLINK (S/PDIF) Optical output failure
Hello, I have the Foxconn Black Ops X48T board which is X48 chipset including ICH9R Southbridge. The on-board Audio solution is the Realtek ALC885 7.1 + 2 channel Audio chipset and it or the ICH9R Intel SB supports the Toslink (S/PDIF Optical) does right?

I really need access to this?

jmke 19th February 2009 21:12

are you sure the chip is working? software or hardware issue? Foxconn support says what?

Liquid3D 19th February 2009 22:57

Well I haven't contacted Foxconn support because I always get so little from most support. But I'll try that now. I think it' software issue, but why build a speaker system which is so problematic with windows?

Thing is I also have the Decco integrated amp which has a Toslink input. I fed the Toslink output from the mobo to the Decco input. This narrows the culprit to the mobo, not the speakers in so far as hardware is concerned. The speaers sound great with RCA out from what is a cheap DVD player with Audio CD support. But that's not utilizing the Wolfson 24bit ~ 32Bit DAC which supports 192KHz

jmke 20th February 2009 00:27

well, try Foxconn support and evaluate their service I'd say :)

Liquid3D 23rd February 2009 06:56

Foxconn made the following comments send two days after ticket was submitted:

"Dear Sir/Madam,
Thank you for supporting Foxconn products. As to the issue/inquiry you posted in Foxconn Online Contact System, our technical support engineer has given you some advice/solution. Please access the following link and get the reply.
please make a response in time, or we will think this issue has already been resolved. Any inquiry ,please feel free to tell us. thanks for your cooperation.

Thanks! If you want to get more details on Foxconn products, visit our official website please.

Best regards,
Foxconn Technical Support"

Liquid3D 23rd February 2009 07:02

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Ther help wich led to a link describing finding or installing the Realtek driver pnel might halp givr more asccess to the S/PDIF Optical, unfortunutately downloading very version from Realtek (seocond) and Foxconn) first left me with no access to a Control Panel for the sofware.
Here's the criop from yet another USB in amplifier the TecOn Modell-55 which waasn't clean until I found new tubes:

Liquid3D 24th February 2009 02:04

When Foxconn suggested I download REALTEK derivers which may gime access to REALteek control panel it, may then give access to that control panel and S/PDIF Optical?COAX

jmke 24th February 2009 08:23

it's possible you need the full drivers to get access to all functionality, windows build-in drivers might not suffice

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