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Erik701 16th January 2003 01:30

Temp prob. (i think).
Sorry to bother you with this, but i'm rather sure i have a temp prob with my xp2000+ tbred. It runs at stock speeds on a kx7-333r, with an alpha pal 8045 + papst ngml. This is al positioned in a maxi chieftec with 5 80mm enermax fans @ half speeds, controlled by a digidoc. casetemp = roomtemp (23), but my cpu runs stressed @ 45. Even my thunderbird 1133 did better ! (39)
is this normal ?

jakkerd 16th January 2003 02:03

i think that an xp2000+ runs hotter than a tbird1133but not sure about that

lazybones 16th January 2003 08:25

did you cool the 1133 with the same setup?
the temps aren't that bad. for a papst ngml.

casetemp=roomtemp is your case open then?

i run a xp1700+ at 1666mhz (xp2000+ speed)
with a v7 and a papst ngm a 12cm casefan at 7v and 2x 8cm fans at about 2000rpm. temps are 39 a 40 degrees C stressed.
but a papst ngm turns more rpm than a ngml.

it's just about wath you want?
a cool pc that doesn't make any noise(Aircooled) is not that easy to make and not cheap.

as long as you don't get 60 a 65 degrees C stressed it's ok.

TeuS 16th January 2003 08:42

my 1700+ @ 2000+ speed had the same temp
but it's with a v7+ @ medium speed

fastened your alpha good enough? your layer of thermal goo okay?

Erik701 16th January 2003 12:52

my tb1133 was with the same setup, yes. Everything should be allright with the as3.

computer has been folding all night, when i woke up I had a casetemp of 33 and a cpu temp of 51 ! (without casecooling.).

RichBa5tard 16th January 2003 12:58

NGML = low CFM, silent fan. 45C stressed is very good for a silent cooled xp2000+ in my humble opinion. Nothing to worry about.

Erik701 16th January 2003 13:25

ok then. ty.
One NGM coming up.

Erik701 16th January 2003 17:47

With a delta black label on my pal it didn't made much difference !
this is with 5 enermax casefans @full speed, 24 roomtemp, cpu @ stock speeds. The fan should suck the air out of the heatsink, right ?

note: chassis fan = thermaltake active memcooler;

I tried to OC that cpu, but to get @ a fsb of 160, i had to feed it 1.85v !. Wasn't possible to load windows because my raidcontroller is running on 30 mHz in stead of 33, is this possible ?

jmke 16th January 2003 17:54

in a closed case with 1.8v those temps are do-able

the PAL indeed needs to get the air sucked out if it :)

Open Case + Swiftech + Delta + XP2200+ - + 1.85v = better temps

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