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bengie 21st June 2004 10:29

"system failed vga test" : Asus A7N8X-E deluxe mobo prob
Hi dudes.

I got a problem with my brand new Asus A7N8X-E dlx mobo.

I've put everything together , meshed my cables.
next day I powered up and I get the POST message : " system failed vga test".

I've put my card (MSI GF fx5600-td128) back in my older pc and it still works. Another,older card (MSI GF4 mx460) doesn't work either.

I cant see a thing on my monitor 'coz the vga card doesn't get recognized. So I cant get into bios.

plz help me.

In the bios (checked with the manual) de "PRIMARY VGA bios" is set to "PCI VGA card". But i cant get into bios without a monitor

Others have told me it doesnt mather what bios is set. As long as there is a card in the pci or agp slot,it should start up.$


jmke 21st June 2004 10:32

did you try to do a reset of the BIOS?

do you have a spare PCI videocard to test and see if maybe the onboard AGP is broken?

bengie 21st June 2004 10:36

I tried to clear CMOS.
disconnected everything from my mobo ,that I dont need yet.

i dont have a spare PCI vga card.

The bios is still standard.
I just bought it last saturday. I installed everything, meshed my cables.
Next day, i started up and got the POST message.
Since then I've been wandering thru numerous forums and abused google.

nothing found that could help me

Maybe, i got to return the mobo to the shop

jmke 21st June 2004 10:45


Originally posted by bengie

Maybe, i got to return the mobo to the shop

that would be the quickest, as they have the material lying around to test every aspect of the motherboard.

Bosw8er 21st June 2004 10:46

maybe try :
- other screen / cable
- you disabled everything, does that mean you only stick to the bare minimum ? As cpu, ram and vga ? Try to disable as much as possible, you only need to go in the bios to be sure
- which psu are you using ?

bengie 21st June 2004 10:57

i disconnected everything that i didnt need :
* front panel I/O , extra firewire and usb ports

i ll try with disconnectig the Maxtor 120G SATA HDD, and only 1 Ram slot

I tried another screen and cable
I use and Aopen H600B "black pearl" case and an Aopen 350W psu

thx for the replies guys

I tried disconnecting everything else..... swapped ram into all three slots....
no effect.... still the same error message.

I'm in an e-mail conversation with a helpdesk-worker @ Asus, and they dont know either, prolly faulty mobo = return to retailer


bengie 22nd June 2004 14:06

problem solved :

went back to the store and they tested the mobo = AGP slot malfunction.

They gave me a brandnew and tested it at the shop , and it works.
YIEHAA :super:


thx to everyone for (trying) to help me

jmke 22nd June 2004 14:08

glad it worked out, so that's one more nForce2 mobo added to the DOA list!

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