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parakiet 10th August 2002 18:25

start up programs
i there a way to configure which program has tpo start first on start up?

i just upgrade my firewall program but now it starts up latest...

any way to shift it up a few places?

TeuS 10th August 2002 23:39

search for "startup"

votre service...

parakiet 11th August 2002 01:38

but is there a "windows way"?

i'd rather would use something in windows, than using other extra programs ;-)

TeuS 12th August 2002 10:34

edit your registry

TerAngreal 12th August 2002 11:28

let's presume you're using WinXP (seen your HWsetup, i guess it's logical to do so ;) ) -- then this might be a way ...

i never tested / needed this, but it just came to mind as something that has a chance to work (hey, with windows, you never know)

start MsConfig
(start --> run --> msconfig)

then go to the startup tab

and finally, try changing the startup priority of the displayed apps in any way ... i can't test this right away because of the win98 installation on this pc (well, i can clearly say this trick doesn't work with win98, but let's hope that changed in the meanwhile aye ;) ), but you just might want to give it a try ...

**btw | Teus : ... might have got a good hint there, but maybe try telling him justy how to do so ... if he'd knew how to , he wouldn't have asked :p

jmke 12th August 2002 13:29

@TerA , changing order, priority of start-up apps is a no-go!

TerAngreal 12th August 2002 15:17

cr*p ... was worth giving it a try aye ;)

you just tried it or knew that already ?

parakiet 15th August 2002 16:40

well i tried one of those shareware programs and it didn't actualy change the startup order but i did help in another way.

i have an audigy si i had that stupid splash...
it sslowed down the startup but that's gone now :)

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