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Da_BoKa 27th August 2004 12:07

I've installed spambayes @ the computer at work because they received a lot of spam, the program did his job wel but today it deleted a mail who shouldn't be deleted!!

The problem is i can't find the folder where the junk e-mail is located!!
can anyone help me!!

thx in advanced

jmke 27th August 2004 12:09

look in the setup of Spambayes..

Da_BoKa 27th August 2004 12:17

no it isn't there

actually there isn't a folder with junk e-mail

Bosw8er 27th August 2004 12:19


Originally posted by Da_BoKa
no it isn't there

actually there isn't a folder with junk e-mail

Set one up then :D

jmke 27th August 2004 12:19

in the settings of Spambayes you need to define where spam mails goes, if you look at that property you will know where the mail ends up:p

Da_BoKa 27th August 2004 12:27

well that is the problem, i've made a map in ' persoonlijke mappen ' ( its subfolder in postvak in ) and i can't locate that folder

i even can't locate outlook!! he dousn't know where it is installed

Bosw8er 27th August 2004 12:34

pr scr

Da_BoKa 27th August 2004 12:43


Originally posted by Bosw8er
pr scr
it's the same config, but the spam is moved to the folder junk e-mail, and unsure is untouched

jmke 27th August 2004 12:50

please crop that image :p

Da_BoKa 27th August 2004 12:50

that is the folder that outlook doesn't show, and i can't find it!

edit: don't have the right tools here to crop :)

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