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teki 22nd November 2003 13:52

Some really odd problems & f*cked up performance
I recently bought a P4P800, 2.6C, enermax 365, r9800np and 2*256pc3200 apacer

the R9800np arrived a few days later so i tested the stability etc with my GF3 ti500 and got 13000 3d mark score with standard settings (aa off, 1024*768 etc) GF3 and cpu were overclocked, can't remember the gf3 specs, but cpu ran stable at 3250mhz with a 5:4 divider during sisoft sandra, 3dmark01, and prime95

after installing the R9800 my rigs locks up/doesn't boot from time to time without any reason, cpu temp stays under 35°, voltrails are ok
3dmark and sisoft sandra are working fine (but with crappy results only 15000 3dmarks), but i can't seem to pass prime anymore, even with cpu at 2.6, the damn thing locks up, and a very irritating *bleep* comes out of my 680 speakers.

same problem with almost every game i play, sometimes it runs fine, sometimes it does nothing, sometimes it runs for 5 minutes and locks up, so I have no clue what the problem can be, it would be odd that there are problems with the card, because it ran for 6 months in someone's rig without any problems

I tried the solutions offered in ansur's thread:

- checked the patch for winxp performance on windowsupdate, but i had it already installed before i got the R9800np and it ran fine with my gf3
- my old nvidia drivers can't be installed (clean install)
- intel agp patch is installled and reinstalled to be sure
- cpu can't be overheated
- no virusses and spyware (clean windows install)
- when running everything at stock speed the problem still occurs

small problems I encoutered during install & working with the rig

- audigy 2 gave problems during install with the newest drivers, installed the drivers on the cd, and updated them trough update proggie at creative website, seems fine now
- i replace the way too noisy nb cooler with a passive heatsink but it stays at an acceptable temperature in my humble opinion (fan from R9800 blows at it, fan before hdd delivers airflow and 2 fans in the back of my case take care of heat removal)
- i don't know how to explain this, but yesterday a 'lieveheersbeestje' flew in my case which was still open and commited suicide in my vertical R9800 cooler (zalman hs) the system instantly locked up, and after cleaning out my case (it was a big and fat lieveheersbeestje) system seems to work, but the problems have stayed the same, although the problems where i can't boot windows are worse than before.

piotke 23rd November 2003 09:28

very weird. did u try an onther PSU ? because you also switched the psu, didn't you ?

teki 23rd November 2003 14:53

switched from standard aopen to an enermax 365watt

i just ran prime95 for 2 hours, without errors this time

these are the results measured with asus probe:
i don't think there's any problem with that?

12.099 ~ 12.155
5.053 ~ 5.08
3.44 ~ 3.456
1.52 vcore

piotke 23rd November 2003 15:12

aha, problem found. I also couldn't overclock very well with a cheapass psu overhere

FreeStyler 23rd November 2003 18:37

standard Aopens aren't that cheapass. But enermax is just that whee bit more.

teki 27th November 2003 14:20

hmmz enermax 365 should be anough to run the rig, most problems fixed at the moment, but the random lockups with the irritating beep coming out of my speakers still occurs :/

piotke 27th November 2003 14:44

so the systemů can run prile without errors, until the lock-up ?

heat ?

when does it mostely lock-up ?

teki 27th November 2003 15:09

it doesn't lock up instantly, first the bleep comes out of my z680's,
i don't know if you've ever seen tomshardware video with the amd vs intel without the hs and fan, gives about the same results here, everything runs awfully slow until it locks up completely after 20-30 seconds, with the continuing bleep from the speakers.

I let mbm5 monitor the heat, checkes also with asusprobe, without any problems there, during prime cpu temp rises to 41°, around 35° when gaming and 25° idle

one thing i noticed: i'm running a passive heatsink on the northbridge which gets pretty hot, still touchable with bare hands tho (when idle mobo temp is 32° while cpu is only 25°)

*edit* most lockups occur during 'benchmark' programs like sisoft sandra, cpuid, directx cpu tab, radeon driver tab, almost everything that should be able to check speeds

strange thing is that the system ran only 2 days @ 3250mhz, put it back to standard speeds because everything runs fast enough

FreeStyler 27th November 2003 16:22 ?

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