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Ansur 7th October 2003 21:50

Slow... really slow
Hi, I've recently bought a new system, put it together by myself and installed WinXP.
(specs in sig)

A couple of days later, I'm getting these weird things, Windows being really slow.
For example, the Start menu, it takes like a second before it will expand every single folder.

Also, right-clicking is quite intolerable, being slow.
Alpha effects, sa. a help-balloon, fades out in about 3 steps, each taking ages.

Not only in windows am I experiencing these problems.

Sometimes (!) in games as well, where it'll freeze for about 2 seconds and then continues.
Especially in multiplayer this is quite annoying.

Weird is that sometimes everything is working fine, and the next second it's slow again.

I've already tested, and replaced my RAM, so that isn't the problem. I've also ran a couple of tests with Prime95 and CPU Stability Test 5.0

Tha last one has ran for an hour and a half, indicating no problems.

Prime95 only indicates problems when I OC a bit.

Could this be a hardware problem, or maybe just WindowsXP being annoying ?

I'd like to try and reinstall it again, but unfortunately Ihaven't got the time to do so.

Some info that might be helpful:
I've flashed my BIOS successfully today to the latest version given by Abit.
This hasn't helped at all, unfortunately.
My HD is sATA driven.

TerAngreal 7th October 2003 22:05

nForceČ drivers installed?
DMA on HD(s) enabled?

Ansur 8th October 2003 08:48

Unified nForce Drivers installed.

I'm not sure about the DMA for HD though...

*MOD* That DMA thingie, that's this: ?

Integrated Periphials -> OnChip IDE Device -> Master Ultra Device
This function stands on 'Automatic'

TerAngreal 8th October 2003 11:27

whether DMA is enabled or disabled can be seen in windows ...

settings -> control panel -> system
--> tab hardware -> device manager
---> IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers -> Primary & Secondary channel
----> tab advanced settings: current transfer mode

that last one display which mode is selected ...

jmke 8th October 2003 11:37

not if you are using a raid controller, or in this case a seperate driver set for SATA HD's...

TerAngreal 8th October 2003 11:54

right - didn't see that s in the above post ...

Ansur 8th October 2003 14:17

Nothing of interest there, I'd say


jmke 8th October 2003 15:00

those are only for your CD , which is connected with PATA I suppose.

other newsies: There was an recent update on Windowsupdate that killed performance on Windows XP, I'm not sure if it would apply to Windows 2000 too, but it might do, there was a patch to sort it out, it could be worth checking to see if there's anything from Microsoft to fix it?

Ansur 8th October 2003 16:10

Ofcourse, Windows Update won't work :rolleyes:

I'll make sure though that I'll take a look at it as soon as the services are up and about again.

Ansur 8th October 2003 19:01

Windows Update is up again.
Can't find anything that would resolve the problem though :(

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