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Pruneau 3rd December 2003 22:01

SATA 120 HD only has 51 GB according to fdisk
I have purchased a P4C800 Deluxe and a P4, and a Maxtor 120 GB SATA HD. Other specs are Corsair 2 x 256 MB PC 4000, Hercules 9800 XT, Plextor CDRW, 400 watt Zalman

When I start up with this new stuff, using my Win 98 SE CD-rom, and I start FDISK in order to set a few partitions, only 51 GB is recognized. So when I set a primary partition, size 20 GB, I only have 31 GB left.

Any ideas what might be causing this?

My boot up also mentions that the Promise controller can detect no devices, and no bios is installed. Am I supposed to do something here?

jmke 3rd December 2003 22:15;en-us;Q263044

micysoft bug

why would you want to use FDISK anyway may I ask?

Pruneau 3rd December 2003 23:02

I never used anything else :(

What would be a better choice?

jmke 3rd December 2003 23:22

if you don't use the raid controller, disable it in the BIOS, can be found under "integrated..."

don't use fdisk to partition your hard drive, you're doing a clean install?

just start your win2000/xp setup, during the setup where you see all your hard drives (or hard drive in this case) you can create a system partition by pressing "C" and defining its size. When windows is installed you can create&format the other partitions using disk manager

Pruneau 4th December 2003 00:21

OK thanks for the tip. I was installing 98 SE but i think it is time to evolve and get xp.

FreeStyler 4th December 2003 08:27

You can use fdisk. The problem is that it can't see the true size of your drive.
As a result you can't enter an integer to specify it's size. You can however work with percentages to gain the desired size. (50% would be 60GB, ...)

jmke 4th December 2003 09:03

would never recommend fdisk anyways in this day & age of 2000/XP :)

PlayboY 4th December 2003 09:06


Originally posted by jmke
wouldn't never recommend fdisk anyways in this day & age of 2000/XP :)
So you would? ;p

Pruneau 4th December 2003 16:18


ps. This is *not* a post-count boost

BlackRabbit 4th December 2003 16:39


Originally posted by Pruneau

ps. This is *not* a post-count boost

What's a postcount?

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