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G33MD00D 9th November 2004 18:40

Questions about the new generation Videocards (X800pro or Geforce 6800 GT?)
I'll be buying a PC very soon (end of december), I heard Radeon made an outstanding reputation the last years and Nvidia was always one step behind Radeon.

I read some articels online and heard NVidia won this generation closely.. so I'll probably buy the Leadtek Geforce 6800 GT... though.. I'd like to give Radeon a chance because of all the good response I heard from their cards.

So would it be the best thing to do? buy the Geforce 6800 GT? (if your answer can influence by the question: are you going to overclock it? probably not.. never had experience with it and don't know anything about it.

jmke 9th November 2004 18:46

6800GT or X800Pro
both are good choices

G33MD00D 9th November 2004 18:52

Oh forget to mention.. I heard all of Geforce 6800 type's have a defected videoprocessor onboard? your cpu tempature % goes up to 90% if you see WMV HD, true?
I don't know if I'd like tu watch WMV HD but I'm certainly going to watch movies from high quality and I also will record high resolution movies with my TV-card.. so I don't know if I'll use it.

jmke 9th November 2004 19:08

it only affects WMV HD movies; it will increase CPU load, but any recent CPU (P4/A64/XP) can cope with that;

G33MD00D 9th November 2004 19:42

I'll be buying an Amd Athlon 3500+, my CPU will not have problems with WMV HD than?

jmke 9th November 2004 19:56

While NVIDIA now says HD WMV acceleration is only supported by the GeForce 6600-series graphics processing units, X-bit labs has found that at least on some drivers the HDTV acceleration works on the GeForce 6800 GT PCI Express graphics cards. AGP flavour of the GeForce 6800 GT did not provide HDTV hardware decoding on the same driver version.


G33MD00D 9th November 2004 20:28

The 6600 will be less powerfull than the 6800 series but will support HD MWV?

jmke 9th November 2004 20:33

the 6600 IS less powerful but has a newer core revision which includes the WMV HD acceleration

G33MD00D 9th November 2004 20:48

Well.. if I can see WMV HD without cpu temperature problems with my Amd Athlon 3500+ there's no need for the 6600 series right? :)

jmke 9th November 2004 21:17

I can see WMV HD on P4 2.2ghz with R8500 AIW.. so.. ;)

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