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mentalcrisis00 19th February 2006 06:16

Q about Seagate 300GB drive
Hey all

My Seagate 300GB sata 2 drive is making some quiet clicking sounds during loads, i have it paired with an Epox board. Is this normal behavior or should i rma it for a new one? S.M.A.R.T says drive is alright but the clicking is getting on my nerves, i've had drives click but they were usually over a year old at the very least.

If anyone who has owned this drive can tell me anything or any seagate drive i'd be grateful.


FreeStyler 20th February 2006 00:25

if it's really loud, get it replaced.

Softer tick could be the driveheads flicking around, and that is normal behaviour. Seagates that I know are among the most silent drives around, but I haven't used the latest revision.

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