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EasyB 20th September 2002 13:25

I placed an order at e-bug in Germany. One of the parts i ordered was a 350W Enermax PSU. I did the advance payment (grr...advance payment), and now i received an e-mail, telling me they can't deliver the Enermax. So i need to change the order. I need to pick a PSU of around the same price. Does anyone have any experience with the Coba or Levicom PSU's? Or should i pick something else and buy an Antec/Enermax here?


jmke 20th September 2002 23:46

the Antec is of very high quality, I have no experience with the other 2 mentioned brands.

you can compare their specs to the enermax one to get a basic idea though

EasyB 21st September 2002 01:23

Bwah, went for the Levicom 420 @ 57 Euro. Can't be very good, but hey, what is 57 euro nowadays?

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