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masturbator 28th December 2004 13:27

Problems with usb stick
When I try to connect my usb stick it always reboots .After that the usb stick works but that isn't very pleasant if you didn't save your work before you connect because of a mind full with other things .

I tried reinstalling the drivers for the usb controllers didn't solve the problem .I turned off the option to reboot automaticly and then he says memory dump or something so .

If someone encountered this problem and has a sollution would you be so kind of sharing it to me .


Masturbator out

Da_BoKa 28th December 2004 14:08

what psu do you have

masturbator 28th December 2004 14:35

400 W psu from tones no brand I think

Da_BoKa 28th December 2004 15:06

and what are your voltlines?

Bosw8er 28th December 2004 15:44

Type of stick ?
Which mobo ?
OS = XP ?

masturbator 28th December 2004 15:49

usb stick is from
os : xp
mobo : asus A78NX-X
cpu : 2500XP
ram : 1Gb twinmoss pc 2700
graka : asus FX5200

voltlines : +12 : 12.509
+5 : 5.05
+3.3 : 3.309
Vcore : 1.69

Nothing I changed on voltlines what so ever for overclocking it's almost a virgin system .

masturbator 29th December 2004 12:28

nobody knows an answer on this one ?

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