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mentalcrisis00 18th February 2006 22:47

problems with seagate drive and new 64 bit system
Hey all

I just bought myself some 64 bit gear from new egg, here it is.

Epox non SLI board
AMD X2 4400 2.2GHZ
2GB of corsair XMS
Seagate 300GB SATA 2 drive, using the stock epox cables
Antec 550W TPII
Windows XP Pro with SP 2

At first i had a problem with my external USB Hard drive, everytime i'd plug it in the system would freeze, I updated bios, took the shadow option off the USB memory in bios, updated chipset drivers and microsoft USB drivers, and upgraded to Service pack 2. That fixed the external hard drive problem but now sometimes my system won't start up. The sata drive will sit there thinking for a good 60 seconds then the HD LED will shut off and the boot screen will just sit there doing it's thing. I beleive that i have all the bios options set correctly but i'm not positive seeming this is my first 64 bit build. If anyone who has used these boards that knows this particular problem please give me alittle advice.

I also moved the Sata plug to the Sata 3 port on the board, it shows up as primary in the bios but it didn't do much. Sometimes it'll boot into windows and sometimes it won't, runs games well but i just don't want it to crap out in a month when my newegg RMA runs out. I also tried booting from my older IDE hard drive and it booted fine everytime.

I checked the HD with S.M.A.R.T and did memtest and there weren't any problems, also the CPU runs idle at 87 degrees F and maxes at about 105 to 110, so that should be ok.

I'm thinking it's software or the board but i'm not sure, the board got high reviews and it was one of the least costly non sli boards, reason i got it is because i'll never be able to afford 2 cards not to mention all the benchmarks i've seen with SLI set ups it only gives 30 frame improvement.

Anyhow give me some imput if you think you know what's going on, should i use a better brand of sata 2 cable? Is there something in particular in the bios i'm forgetting about?



Sidney 19th February 2006 01:34

nF4 SATA/IDE driver?
If yes, don't use it.

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