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masturbator 8th April 2003 21:24

problemen met asus P3B-F
On the place where i play soccer they broke the pc.
They fried de powersupply of this pc.
I replaced the powersupply with one i had lying around.
I connected everything and now the pc doesn't start up anymore.
He makes a sirenesound.
I found the manual of this mobo (asus P3B-F) but didn't find anything about this sound.
I checked the cpu and I don't think it is fried.
I now have everything disconnected and it still refuses to work.
Does anyone of you know a solution.
The cpufan works , i already added new thermal adhesive between the cpu and heatsink after that i made the sirenesound;because I thought it was the cpu.
But after that it still didn't work.
Me last bet is that the cpu or the mobo is broken .And it is hard to find a new cpu since it is a slot 1 mobo.
So i have to know if it is broken , in that case i could sell my old pc entirely to them or that is repairable.
Thx in advance for your answers;

Da_BoKa 8th April 2003 22:06

how does the sirene goes, give an example like: tut-tut-tut
or tuuut-tuuuuut...
or tuuuuiiit-tuuuuiiiit-...

I think you gett my point


masturbator 9th April 2003 08:04

tuuuut-tiiiiit-tuuuut-tiiiiit and this until I cut off the power .
So the second tone is higher then the first.

Da_BoKa 9th April 2003 14:21

my guessing is the cpu
you would not be the first who's pcu fried and it took the cpu and mainboard with it


ModdiN MansoN 11th April 2003 20:18

MB, cpu, ram, ide-drives,..... each of these components can be broken, a busted psu is teh crap

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