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quacktastic 29th June 2004 01:40

problem! spilled arctic silver :(
i'm sorry if i am in the wrong section, if i am please tell me so i know where to put future questions. i was transferring arctic silver from the hsf to the processor (amd 2600+ mobile) and some slid off and dropped onto the sides of the processor and a small portion of the motherboard. i have 2 questions--a) because it's silver based, will i have a problem? their website claims that it was designed to have a high resisitivity...but i've also heard horror stories. b) what should i do now, is it ok to leave it and to continue or should i attempt to clean up more (i've already wiped the affected areas off to the best of my ability, but the tint remains). if i should clean up more, what method would be best.

thanks in advance for your help and your time.


Sidney 29th June 2004 04:17

Unplug the system; use Ribbing alcohol and Q-tips to clean up the spill. Air dry a few minutes and you're ready to have fun again.

Just apply a small amount AS at the center of the die, you will not have the same problem.

jmke 1st July 2004 01:42

Yep that's a good method, works every time!

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