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Angel Blue01 30th October 2008 20:35

Problem replacing power supply on Dell Dimension 4500
A friend of mine asked me to replace his hard drive on his Dell Dimension 4500. I encountered a weird boot problem (pressing the power button would turn on the power light but nothing else would come on) that I was able to resolve using a spare power supply. So I went ahead and installed Windows.

I explained to him that he'd need a new power supply. I went to a store and bought an Antec Earthwatts 430, I've used a bunch of them in other builds.

When I went to put it in I saw that the case had a hole for the power cable on the back that was on the "upper-left" when seen from the back of the case but the power supply I bought had the power jack on the lower left. I can't just turn it upsidedown since there's a grill covering the right side of the bay for the power supply that's also part of the back of the case.

Any ideas on what power supply would work with this case?

uni1313 30th October 2008 20:56

Dell is known not follow industrie standards for their pc's. Have you tried ordering a psu from their site?

Angel Blue01 30th October 2008 21:15

Well I looked and the only replacement parts I could find was RAM, power supplies only seem to be sold for specific models.

Angel Blue01 30th October 2008 21:20

:redface: I hadn't searched the right section of the site. This is a small business model so on the small business support page I found this: 868

I have no idea if its any good

Kougar 30th October 2008 22:05

PC Power & Cooling builds Dell compatible PSUs, but the only model they seem to offer anymore is Is a bit pricey.

Angel Blue01 31st October 2008 02:48

I ended up cutting a hole in the back of the case, it seems to work, we'll see when I get the case closed up again.

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