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dorfke 30th September 2004 00:04

Problem with new mobo Abit KV8 pro
Bought new mobo from abit (Kv8 pro) and tried to install it today with new cpu (A64 +3000).
When I try to start up the pc i don't even get in bios. The post code display (on the mobo) gives me the code 9.f. which is not discribed in the manual, nor on Abit's site.

Graphic card is 9800pro, one nec 3500 dvd writer, one WD 120 gig SATA disk connected and the PSU is an antec 350 watt. And last but not least 512 Kingston ram PC3200 (value ram).

I already got the mobo out the pc, attached only the radeon and the ram and started up, but same problem (so I don't think it's the PSU that's too light).

I switched ram (same brand, different module), but same problem.

Disconnected the radeon, but same problem

Can someone help me because I don't knwo what to do

jmke 30th September 2004 00:27

PSU is enough for mobo/ram/videocard you have;

connect the speaker and try to boot again, what does it do?

try to swap memory for another brand if possible, might be the kingston; might be the videocard (but then you should hear beeps from the speakers) or the cpu

or the board; so many possibilties

try to post this question to the Abit USA forums (google it:)) maybe some tech there knowns the 9F code

dorfke 30th September 2004 00:30

Jmke, thxs
When I connect the speaker, it gives (when it boots) one long beep and two short beeps. After that it just stops

jmke 30th September 2004 00:35

1 long, 2 short beeps = Display adapter problem (MDA, CGA)

do you have a spare PCI / AGP videocard ?

dorfke 30th September 2004 00:56

Jup, will try tomorrow my geforce 4mx. Will let you know

Altought: I checked the abit forums, and theer are apparantly other people with the same problem, but nobody can give a sollution that works

dorfke 30th September 2004 11:14

Tested with the geforce, same result. Contacted Tones and they asked to bring it back so they could test it. Will do that and see what that gives.

dorfke 4th October 2004 23:23

Wen,t to tones this weekend and apparantly the power supply we purchase there was f*cked. They tested it with a new one and everything worked perfect.

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