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goingpostale1 26th February 2006 21:46

Picking a great, cheap overclocking mobo (939,NF4)
I'm going to upgrading to 939 to OC, I need a motherboard with 4 DDR DIMM slots, 1 PCI express slot, and be able to OC most venice cores (1.35/1.4V) chip to 2.7-3 Ghz. Any help is appriciated.

jmke 26th February 2006 22:42

Does it have to be NF4?

Sidney 26th February 2006 22:49


be able to OC most venice cores (1.35/1.4V) chip to 2.7-3 Ghz.
This is harder to find; if you do have one please let me know. Price is unimportant to me;)

goingpostale1 27th February 2006 10:54

Thats what I'm shooting for :P, but I want a mobo that wont limit my chips OC potential. I've heard of some real stability issues with the ATI 200 series chipset. Most of it was crossfire related, but I will be using a 7800 GT with the mobo. So no it doesnt have to be NF4, but it does have to be stable.

goingpostale1 27th February 2006 11:03

Ohhhh what I meant was that was the specific type of chip I'd be using. And the speeds of 2.7-3 Ghz are what I'm going for. Sorry wasn't paying attention to what I was implying. Yeah I would be interested in one too :P.

goingpostale1 27th February 2006 11:25

Well if I'm looking at the $100 range I might as well get a great motherboard. I was hoping there is mobo similar in value (Overclocking and Price) to my old Shuttle An-35 Nforce 2 Ultra. Not to say that isnt a good mobo, I would just take something full featued for $100.

jmke 27th February 2006 11:27

that DFI ATI board seems to go like hell, I'm getting one myself, it's compact and yet offers all the features one could want,

it's also priced at $100

goingpostale1 27th February 2006 11:28


I'm a little confused, The DFI mobo is an NF 4 Ultra, but has 2 PCI Express slots? Is that an error on neweggs part?

goingpostale1 27th February 2006 11:32

Well, let me know when you get it I can wait until then

jmke 27th February 2006 11:42

that DFI has Dual PCIe

the DFI ATI board will be cheaper of course:

but $126 is a good price for such a capable OC board

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