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kristos 11th August 2004 17:37

PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge

I got the following problem:
"PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge" is displayed with an exclamation mark in the device manager saying that it can not find enough free resources to operate.
After installing the mobo and vidcard drivers that line is relabled to "NVIDIA nForce2 AGP Host to PCI Bridge" but the problem remains.

here's some of the things that I tried and noticed so far:

- dissableing unused stuff like the serial and printer ports. I tried this both in the bios and the device manager to no avail.
- Installed the motherboard driver that came with the motherboard.
- bios flash to latest bios on 1 of the mobo's
- reset cmos
- format + install win xp sp1 on PATA disk, SATA disk and SATA RAID 0 array
- windows xp install plain and with SP1 slipstreamed; with the slipstreamed cd I always get a bluescreen while installing. With the plain win xp install I don't but the problem remains.
- swapped mobo's: both boards are ABIT NF7-S rev2; both work in pc A but give the above problem in pc B, even after a clean windows xp install.
- PC boots for 1 sec and then shuts down with the ATI 9800 SE (in pc A, the card works fine), with the kyro II, the pc boots but only at 640x480 resolution, 4 bit color depth. No higher settings are possible.
- Witht the kyro card, the videocard bios is displayed at boot-up but in the device manager, the card is not recognized at all.
- I'm under the impression that the videocard can not be addressed in windows. That the processor takes care of the graphical aspect wich is why the resolution and color depth are so low.

PS: Another problem apart from this one is that with the RAID 0 Array, I formatted the drives with Western Digital Life Guard v11.0 and now I can't format the drives in windows anymore.

I'm all out of ideas here and getting more and more frustrated by the minute so help would be greatly appreciated.

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