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bambix 6th December 2003 11:42

Pc prob
A few months ago, i installed winXP on my system. The installation went fine, and the system was running fine too.
But, when my computer was shut down for a longer time, and when i booted then , the system crashed ad the winXP loading screen. I rebooted, and again it crashed, i did it again and again, but it kept on crashin at the winXP loadin screen.
Untill a time, i let the crashed loadinscreen stand on, for about 10minutes. After 10 minutes i rebooted again, and everything went fine, winxp loaded, and the system runned fine again.

I kept on having the same same poblem, but everytime when the computer runned 10 minutes on the crashed loading screen, i rebooted, and everyting was fine.
It was like the computer needed to warm up first, before i could use it :gay:

I could live with that fact, because my computer was running practitcly 24/7, so it wasn't shut off for a long time that much.

BUT. 2 Weeks ago my mobo-fan died, so i had to replace it.
I dismantled the whole computer and placed a new fan.

I booted the system, and again the crashed loading screen appeared, notting going on i thought, because it was very normal:rolleyes:
I waited 10 minutes, and rebooted, but it kept on crashin.
I waited 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, before rebooting, but now it realy kept on crashin.
I spent 2 times 3 hours on rebooting the system on and on, but it didn't helped.

At first i thought it was my harddisc(ntfs), because the led wasn't burnin when the system crashed. Replaced the harddisc by another, this one was fat32.
But the problem remained
installed win2000 on both discs, but still the same prob

Now i installed win98 on the fat32 and now my pc is running fine again.

But imo win98 sucked, and i would like to go back to winXP, but my system doesn't except it :rolleyes:

DO you have any advice or so ? What can be the problem for this?
I thought maybe the mobo, but that can't be, because it is running fine on win98 now....

mobo: Matsonic 8127c Via apollo kt 133 Socket A
Hd: ntfs: Maxtor 40Gb
fat32: Maxtor 20 GB
Processor: AMD athlon 1400+
gfx-card: 3dprophet kyro hercules 4500 tv-out

Any help is appreciated!

Somebody told me, by replacing my fan, static electric could have ****ed up my bios ? Is that possible ?

piotke 6th December 2003 12:11

in my humble opinion it is crappy memory....

could you run memtest86, and tell us the results ?

bambix 6th December 2003 17:09

what memory does it test?
The porg is running for 2.5 hours know, is that normal ?

piotke 6th December 2003 18:00

normal ram memory...

you have the DOS based version,y ou are running from a floppy ? In that case: If you still don't get an error after 2.5 hours of running, your normal ram memory will be fine ;-)

bambix 6th December 2003 18:24

3.5 hours, 0 errors
so that's not the prob

bambix 11th December 2003 11:55

ok, so now i have converted my ntfs-disc to a fat32 disc with pm, and installed win98 on it. ==> works fine

so the prob isn't the harddisc either.
It has got something to do with the os, because win98 works fine, and win2000/xp doesn't work !!

any suggestion are more than welcome ......

jmke 11th December 2003 12:05

could be the mobo "Matsonic 8127c Via apollo kt 133 Socket A"

pretty no-name, maybe some driver conflict in Win2000/XP

I've ran an Abit KT7-Raid (KT133) for years with Win2000 without problems though.

bambix 14th December 2003 08:29

updated all drivers, updated bios, still no works on winxp

jmke 14th December 2003 11:03

did you enable APIC in the bios?

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