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n00b4tw 15th June 2006 20:03

PC locks and 20 mins later auto restarts
hiya thx for answering my question about atitool, real help.

I have another query if you can help me, i built my pc 3 weeks ago, everything was fine but for some reason my pc would jump whenever i play eq2 or doom3. So i got a new hardrive and erased my older IDE hard drive.

So now i have 1 140gig seagate sataII harddrive(my motherboard does support sataII) and i got my older 60 gig ide hgardrive totally blank i just put files on it here and there.

But ever since i did this, my pc would totally lock between 20mins and 2 hours, i would here a strange sound and 10 seconds later everything is locked up.

I checked the Events manager to see exactly what happened but, nothing comes up no exclamation marks no red cicles it seems everything was fine. And liek i state d earlier if i dont physicaaly turnoff/on my pc, it will do it automatically in about 20 minutes(i can tell from event viewer).

So do you guys think it is the new harddrive, the configuration of the harddrives, or when i kept messing around with overclocking and since i didnt know what i was doin i went back to defaults, and maybe 1 of my memory DIMMS is fried?

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated....thx

jmke 15th June 2006 20:07

DIMMs fried-> not very likely
bad/damaged IDE cable -> possible, try without the 60GB IDE cable connected for a few days, does is still hang?

ps: SATA 2 drives do not exist;)

n00b4tw 15th June 2006 22:41

ah i took off the 60giger and so far hasn't locked up, me thinks thatw as the culprit, ty.

and sataii drives does exhist i am using one. I was gonna buy a raptor 74gig 10krpm but the guy @ microcenter said thats only a 1.5gb/sec xfer rate while a sataII is 3gb/sec xfer rate and my mobo does support sataII, so i think sataII ftw, raptor me thinks is a lil overpriced for the speed no?

n00b4tw 15th June 2006 22:48

BAHHHH GRRRR ACK, it just locked on me, welp the older HDD wasn't the problem, only thing i can guess is the new HDD? But what would make a HDD crash besides heat and it stays a cool 38degress celcius. I mean shouldnt an HDD if it loads up stay working? BAH

jmke 16th June 2006 05:57

It's not sure that it is the HDD, can be many things, trace back what you have done since the new HDD install.

btw SATA2 does seriously NOT exist:)

the Raptor has max transfer rate of 150Mb/s indeed (there is no drive that needs more, no drive uses that 300Mb/s), but it's 10000rpm gives it lower acces times which makes it very quick as main drive/games drive:)

slvrl7 16th June 2006 11:48

if your computer locks what sound are you talking about and from where

n00b4tw 17th June 2006 10:19

the HDD beaps, then the buys light/signal flashes and stays on[ when it usually flickers.] then 10 seconds later everything locks. and 20 mins later pc restarts

I heard that gpu's if they over heat they make pc's restart, not lock up then restart 20 mins later. Also i dont think its my gpu because the temp never reaches 68degress radeon x1900xtx

I did however install and accelero x2 on the video card the same night i installed this new HDD. I tried just using my old HDD and reformat and instal windows but pc still locks up.

Does anyone know of any diagnostic software that would run through my entire pc and show me erros and what is possibly causing these lock ups?

I looked through event viewer but i see no erros or warning flags, so i am hella stumped.

Just to recap everything was working fine, then i installed accelro x2 and the new hdd and now pc locks. I took off the new hdd installed old, still locks. Mobo temperature is a cool 40degress and cpu is 38 degress and gpu is 52 degress(idle).

Also when it locks up its doesnt mater what i am currently doin, urfing net, typing, watching movie, playing everquest 2, 2d/3d/ whatever it will lock.

and as always any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated....thx

jmke 17th June 2006 10:25

I would restart from scratch;

do a motherboard BIOS reset, plug in only CPU/RAM/VGA and connect HDD (nothing else)

install clean Windows XP and see where this gets you. if at these default settings the PC still locks up, consider swapping out the X1900XTX and see if that solves the problem,

if not, try [g]Memtest86+[/g] to check the memory;

n00b4tw 17th June 2006 19:25

you prolly right i'll just restart from scratch. Thx again, I am also thinking maybe the HSF i installed is faulty but temps are still good thats weird.....keep ya nformed of results....

slvrl7 17th June 2006 19:50

Keep up jmke good infos for the curiosty

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