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Falc 4th August 2004 12:25

PC doesn't run as it should
PC doesn't run like it should

I have:
amd Xp2600+ @ 2.1 ghz
twinnmoss 2*512 mb pc2700
radeon 9800 pro 128 mb
msi kt6 delta moederbord
win xp pro @ sp1
300W PSU

dx9b, latest via drivers, catalyst, etc.
I reinstall windows every month

I have to put everything on low setting in joint operations demo and even then it runs at 20 fps if some players are on screen.

BFV runs on medium settings, 1024*768 at 40 fps when some players are on screen (way to low for good aiming).

I can run Call of duty on max setting but i have often fps drops to 30.

Doom runs smooth at medium and 1024-768 but fps drops to 15 when 3 monsters are on screen.

some scores
AquamarkScoreRender: 4821
AquamarkScoreSimulation: 5517
AquamarkScore: 33553

I've scanned with anti norton for virusses, some other prog for trojans and ad aware for spyware, everything is clean.

So any idea's on what might be wrong ?

kristos 4th August 2004 12:49

since you use the latest drivers all the time, maybe you should try some older drivers instead. Some of wich you know they'll work the way they should.

Start with the vidcard drivers offcourse :)

Falc 4th August 2004 12:50

already tried it, no difference

Bosw8er 4th August 2004 13:06

Run a stresstest (prime or others) on the PC to test the stability.

If your PC passes the test the problem should be your vidcard, either drivers or the card itself or bios settings ... or a combination

Falc 4th August 2004 13:07

where can I find that ?, I think my problem is the cpu, because, 3dmark score is high

Bosw8er 4th August 2004 13:15

Looks like you only have problems playing games, if the cpu was the problem you should have other problems ... except if you only use the PC to play games. How hot is the cpu running btw ?

Reinstall windows every month !? :wtf:
Get yourself an image program ... pronto !

Falc 4th August 2004 13:18

wel actualy I have some problems in windows to, sometimes my desktop locks up for a few minutes, almost like pc can't follow.

btw the radeon is only 2 weeks old, but I had the feeling pc wasn't running good either with my ti4200.

jmke 4th August 2004 13:25

then you certainly have a problem related to the windows install, did you install VIA IDE drivers?

Bosw8er 4th August 2004 13:29

Very quick test :
- power off the pc
- remove the side panel
- put a fan/blower next to the pc, let it blow onto the components
- power on the pc
- test games
- post findings here

Falc 4th August 2004 13:33

I have a 30 cm fan blowing right in my pc :banana:

I did a cpu test with prime

MD Athlon(tm) XP 2600+
CPU speed: 2093.92 MHz
L1 cache size: 64 KB
L2 cache size: 256 KB
L1 cache line size: 64 bytes
L2 cache line size: 64 bytes
L1 TLBS: 32
L2 TLBS: 256
Prime95 version 23.8, RdtscTiming=1
Best time for 384K FFT length: 32.901 ms.
Best time for 448K FFT length: 38.595 ms.
Best time for 512K FFT length: 41.060 ms.
Best time for 640K FFT length: 53.886 ms.
Best time for 768K FFT length: 64.297 ms.
Best time for 896K FFT length: 76.439 ms.
Best time for 1024K FFT length: 86.175 ms.
Best time for 1280K FFT length: 116.259 ms.
Best time for 1536K FFT length: 135.917 ms.
Best time for 1792K FFT length: 170.022 ms.
Best time for 2048K FFT length: 190.431 ms.

so is this good bad ?

and yes i've installed via drivers

if the problem is my windows installation, the how am i supposed to do it right ?,

I did clean install -> network drivers for internet -> sp1 install -> dx9 -> catalyst -> everything else

Bosw8er 4th August 2004 13:46

1) So prime doesn’t lock your pc ? (Y/N)
2) How do the games run with opened up pc with 30cm fan blowing ? (Good/Bad)
3) Check DMA settings (control panel - system - device manager - IDE/ATA - primary - advanced : check transfer mode (post transfer mode here)

3) a) if transfer mode = PIO : click “update driver”, don’t point to any location and update the driver, this restores ultra dma

Falc 4th August 2004 13:49

prime doesn't lock my pc
dnno how games run with closed pc, always did it like this
dma thing is "dma, if available"

Bosw8er 4th August 2004 13:53

One in three answers correct !

- answer question 2
- check the transfer mode, isn't there a box beneath "dma if available" ?

jmke 4th August 2004 13:53

VIA IDE drivers might be the problem.

Falc 4th August 2004 13:58


Originally posted by Bosw8er
One in three answers correct !

- answer question 2
- check the transfer mode, isn't there a box beneath "dma if available" ?

latest via chipset drivers are installed

Bosw8er 4th August 2004 14:03


- Still waiting for an answer on question 2

If the result is still bad try running the cpu at stock speed and the memory at non-aggresive timings ...

Falc 4th August 2004 14:06

games are running bad in my opinion with case open and 30 cm fan

jmke 4th August 2004 14:17

seems more like a software issue, then a hardware one.

uninstall those VIA 4in1/Catalyst drivers
and install the latest 4.8 ones. leave the system without VIA's for time being. try again.

and update to DX9c while you are at it :)

Falc 4th August 2004 14:47

i've installed omega drivers and it helps a bit, specialy in joint operations

how do I uninstall via drivers ?

i've got the 4.9 beta drivers to, i'll try those

Bosw8er 6th August 2004 17:27


Originally posted by Falc
how do I uninstall via drivers ?

with copy/paste :D

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