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DyNaRaX 17th March 2008 10:22

pc blocks when gaming
In December I bought some new hardware. During 2 months I had no problems playing games like Crysis, NFS Pro Street or Colin McRae Dirt but since 2 weeks it happened several times that the pc blocked completely when playing Crysis or NFS.

The screen freezes and the sound hangs. I can only do a reset.

I don't get any error, bluescreen or log in the event log.

The temps seem ok,
gpu max 48 (checked with Asus Smartdoctor)
cpu max 47 (checked with CoreTemp)

Runned memtest without any errors.

Any idea what could cause this problems?

OS: Win Xp Prp with all patches
E6750 with boxed cooler
2 gig value ram
Asus P5K
Asus 8800GT with Glaciator cooler
Samsung 500 gb
Coolermaster 550W psu
Coolermaster Stacker with 3x120mm +80mm + Crossflow fans

jmke 17th March 2008 11:00

did you change any hardware or software (drivers) since first install?

DyNaRaX 17th March 2008 12:17

no, that is the strange thing, I didn't change anything

jmke 17th March 2008 13:15

short circuit between mobo & case, dust somewhere, a cable broken/not plugged in all too good.
Can't think of anything else really.

You're saying the PC blocks completely, no auto-reset or something, that would count out the PSU. Can you try with another VGA card maybe? see what that will do?

DyNaRaX 17th March 2008 13:52

no other vga card available :(

no dust, all cables are fine and didn't move since the install in December.

On the ****** forums I found a lot of guys complaining about bluescreens and black screens (monitor goes into standby) and a new version of the drivers 174.31 seemed to solve the issues.

I think I will try those drivers.

jmke 17th March 2008 14:04

ha! bad forums those;)

DyNaRaX 17th March 2008 14:49


Originally Posted by jmke (Post 166137)
ha! bad forums those;)

oeps I didn't know that we could mention there name here.

jmke 17th March 2008 15:17

try posting links to madshrimps or typing madshrimps at their forums;)
I have no clue why we're are censored there, but least thing we can do is return the "favor" ;)

DyNaRaX 18th March 2008 17:49

ok didn't have the time yet to test the other drivers but I have been reading on the Asus forums and there are people with simular problems.

One of the users advised to downclock the Memory speed of the card.

I'm going to test it rightaway.

DyNaRaX 20th March 2008 12:14

ok, yesterday I was able to game for severel hours without any problems with the mem speed at 1752 instead of the default 1800MHz.

I contacted Tones about this a I can return the card. Now I don't know what to do, swap it with another 8800 GT (Asus in not in stock) or upgrade to a 8800 GTS.

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