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simpleme 21st January 2006 18:44

Overcoming a MAster vs slave problem
I have a built-in kind of cd rom drive in my case with one ide connector cable coming out of it.
If I connect the cd rom, it is connected as a slave drive, and my motherboard won't boot because a the secondary drive is a slave instead of master.

Normally this would be solved by using a jumper but I can't find a jumper on the cd rom drive to change this.

So how can I change this?

Sidney 21st January 2006 19:08

With one HDD and one CD drive; master of slave does not matter. It will search for the bootable drive unless your BIOS is set to boot from CD only which is odd.

1) Do you have a non-OS CD in the CD drive?
2) What kind of OS do you have?

simpleme 21st January 2006 19:29

Yes I also thuogth that this wouldn't give a conflict because there is one device on every IDE channel .

But my system won't boot to os because of this warning

There is no cd rom the cd rom drive and my os is windows 98 se

Sidney 21st January 2006 19:34

Bad IDE cable, often the case. Switch cable see what happens.

simpleme 21st January 2006 19:40

The cable is new and working (can see the device in bios) , but i can't change it because it is attached to the cd rom drive

blakerateliff 23rd January 2006 05:33

Try switching which ide port it is plugged into on the motherboard.

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