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Corax 8th August 2002 12:11

OS install prob

A friend of mine had an very strange install prob. Here's the deal:

1. He wants to install XP with a windoze 98 bootdisk => error in DOS

2. He wants to install XP with the 6 windoze XP bootdisks=> the system hangs after the last bootdisk (the screen just turns black:( )

3. So I said, let's install my windoze XP with a norton ghost bootdisk => we followed the normal instructions on the screen, and after we selected 'partition - from image' he couldn't find the two partitions?? He only saw one partition?? (he has two partitions - both FAT32)

So I'm kind of stuck here people: installing an OS with the bootdisks doensn't work, and ghost doens't seem to see all the partitions? two different problems:(

If you know anything that might help, don't hesitate to tell me;)

note: he *doesn't* want to install win98 first, and then install XP over it, he wants a clean install of windows XP.

Jay-Jay 8th August 2002 23:13

Can you give the errorcode?
And just try a /checkupgradeonly and see if there's a major hardware incompability regarding the HCL list

Corax 9th August 2002 09:39

the error code was something like: 'This program cannot be run in DOS' (or something like that)

but I forgot to mention that he already had some problems with his Maxtor, could it be that a f*cked HD causes all these problems?

and another solution is to combine the two partitions again, but he loses 2000 mp3's then (and he didn't make a back-up:rolleyes: )

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