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Kio 14th June 2011 21:50

Oc 2500k ratio limited
Hi all

Do you know if there is a limitation on the cpu i5 2500k ratio
Possible for me to use the 51x but even 52x90bclk and it never works
53 also not working :(

Is it the cpu batch ?
Motherboard ?

Or probably am i a noob overclocker and i was missing something in the Bios settings :rolleyes:

I use a Gigabyte Ga-P67 Ud4 rev B3
Dominator gt pc16000
and antec Kuhler 920

Possible for me to use a dry ice pot or a single stage but my températures even with 1.63v are very good
always under 68°c

Settings 5175mhz
vcore 1.63v
Qpi/Vtt 1.14v
System agent voltage : 0.920 / 09.55 seems to be ok
Pch Core 1.14-1.22 with graphics benchmarks
Pll 1.88v

I am wrong somewere ?

Thanks for redaing and helping :ws:

wutske 19th June 2011 10:10

Euhm, you've already overclocked it by 2Ghz ... every cpu has it's limits you know, maybe yours is at around 5,2Ghz. Plus, you've realy pushed it hard, 1.63VCore is quite high in fact.
Dry ice or single stage could increase the clock even more, but if you consider yourself being a noob, I'd suggest to stay away from these till you get the hang of it on air.

Massman 20th June 2011 12:22

Did you enable PLL override?

Kio 1st July 2011 11:52


yes I did

One more question
when you increase the cpu multiplicator , you also increase the qpi link ?
51x100bclk is 5.1Gt qpi ?
or qpi is fixed on these configuration ?

And 5.1ghz is pretty not good , hoping 53 multiplier
I think i must change this batch and find a good one

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