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kristos 7th July 2004 11:53

no signal input from A
Last night, I wanted to test all my 2*512 sticks to deside wich ones had to go so I removed the 2*256 from bank 2 and 4, booted pc and I got this message:

"No signal input from A"

Nothing out of the ordinary, were it not that it doesn't move on, this message keeps being displayed.

I already switched ram, vid card and screen, reinserted those 2*256 sticks and cleared CMOS.
Nothing helps.

I'm beginning to think I got ESD on my board when I was removing the ram ...

I can hear and see the cpu fan spin up if that makes a difference (never had ESD before, so I don't know if it ruins the whole board or just some components).

Can you peeps think of anything else that may cause this problem and/or some other stuff I could test that would help locate the problem?

*edit* forgot spec's:
Processor : Intel P4c 2.8ghz
Motherboard : ASUS P4C800E-deluxe
RAM : 2*512 Kingston KHX3200, 2*256 Mushkin lvl II DDR3500 (2*512 Corsair XMS350V1.1)
Vidcards : MSI FX5900XT (GeForce 2MX 400)
monitors : Phillips 109 P4 (Highscreen MS 1595P)

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