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kristos 14th February 2005 17:39

network slow on 1 PC?
I have two pc's in a network here and the client pc has no problems with the network whatsoever, but the internet host pc doesn't show the shared folders in "my network places" so I have to have it look for computers on my network every time and it takes forever untill he finds them and it crashes easely.

Jay-Jay 14th February 2005 19:16

Pretty easy based on your explanation. If my guess is right, the "host" pc has 2 NIC's, and in binding order (Network neighborhood - Tools - advanced) your Inet nic is first.
for that pc all name resolution will first get broadcasted to the internet and if everything times out, it will continue on the second card.
changing the binding order to lan first, normally this doesn't mess up your inet sharing.
Adding static routes manually, using the route command in Dos (route /?) or automaticcaly using routing and remote access.
another possibility is the use of a hosts file on both machines, in the case of fixed ip's for your lan, and a fourth will be to setup wins/dns if the internet pc has a server os.
Or fifth: buy a router, and connect all pc's to the router, no more fooling around with dual nics.
On any of these you can find decent tutorials on google, but feel free to ask if anything is not clear or correct

kristos 15th February 2005 01:24

lol most of it is already over my head :D

thx for helping though.

anyways, I'm not buying a router untill we switch to cable. We have ADSL atm and it goes via an USB modem into the host pc and with a crossed cable to the client pc.

used to be a straight cable from the host pc to a switch and from there another straight to the client pc but if I remember correctly, I already had the same problem back then.

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