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Liquid3D 5th February 2005 15:22

Neo2 Platinum memory issues
I can't seem to get the memory to workin DC. I place the sticks in either Green or OPurple at first thinking that would be normal channels, now I'm told the Dual Channel configuration is channels 1&2 or 3&4. Tried both and get no-post beeb-beeb-beeb-beeb et.

Diving me crazy. Tried everything in the BIOS and I also get into WinXP and it says I'm running at 1004MHz, I re-boot set the Multi and still sometimes it revrts back to 5x multipler? Whate the heck?


kristos 5th February 2005 19:34

Nothing comes to mind that you probably already tried:

bios reset

different bios

different ram sticks

and you already know about the odd color coding...

Gamer 5th February 2005 20:14

my ram is in 3&4, and works great.
TCCD and BH-5 without one hickup.
doesn't help you alot, but you get the idea.
faulty rams ?

easypanic 6th February 2005 10:22

Seems idd faulty RAM.

My mem gives me alot of erros in slots 3&4, , 1&2 works like a charm here.

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