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Nessmaster 15th August 2007 05:55

Need some advice on new parts
Hey guys. So far my computer has served me great. I just recently upgraded my case and cooling and everything is quiet and cool. However my motherboard all of a sudden decided to start dieing on me. It gives me a POST Code 9.0. which has been known as a dead end on some of the same model mobos I have (Abit Fatal1ty AN8-SLI). I fixed it once by remounting the CPU and heat sink and now 4 days later I have the problem again. I don't feel like doing this every 4 days or so, so I need new parts.

However I'm kinda at a lose to what to buy. I don't want to spend too much money, but since I will technically be upgrading (from an AMD X2 3800+ socket 939 and DDR memory) I want there to be some gain in performance. I don't mind going Intel with a C2D at all, but the cheapest Intel starts at $124 at newegg. I know you can oc like crazy with a C2D so I wouldn't mind buying one, but the problem is that I would need a new mobo (a good overclocker, also somewhere around the $120s) and good DDR2 memory (yet again somewhere around the $150s) so as you can see I would be going over $300 by now, and I honestly don't want to spend that much money if I don't have to.

You think maybe I should just go with one of these crazy cheap AMD + Mobo combos from newegg and buy good ram (like a 2gb kit of mushkins with the D-9 chips). That way I could possibly keep things under or close to $300?

I'm really 50/50 on this one whether to spend the extra money with a C2D or to keep it a bit cheaper with and AMD. I mean if we are talking MAJOR differences here when it comes to something like an OC factor, encoding a movie, or playing video games (i.e. Oblivion, CS Source) then I would rather spend that extra on the good parts.

jmke 15th August 2007 08:46

E1260 is less than $100, Gigabyte P35 DDR2 board also around $100, memory, get PC6400 2x1Gb. With that setup you are good for a few years to come; you won't find better value for money.

only other way is to second hand kit S939 mobo, that will only cost you $100 max;

currently, new AMD system is always slower and more expensive than intel counterpart with less OC potential

Nessmaster 15th August 2007 09:04

So the E1260 is a Pentium with 1mb L2, and a E4300 is a Core 2 Duo with 2mb L2. Wouldn't that make the E4300 superior just cause of micro architecture wise, not even taking into account the extra cache?

jmke 15th August 2007 09:13

you loose a few % in performance, but in my humble opinion nothing to worry about 03

Nessmaster 15th August 2007 17:46

What about a Gigabyte 965P?

Or is the P35 a better overclocker?

jmke 15th August 2007 19:10

P35 is a better overclocker yes; P965 is still a hit and miss, P35 has more high flying results;)

Nessmaster 16th August 2007 16:31

I ordered the parts this morning: E2160, Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L, 2x1gb PC2 6400 Mushkin. Thanks for the info and help Jmke :)

jmke 16th August 2007 17:12

keep us posted on your experience:) for the total cost, it's hard to go wrong

Nessmaster 22nd August 2007 06:24

I finally got the parts today! I put em on 2 day air shipping and here they are... 5 days later... UPS.

All the parts look to be in great shape. However due to a custom case I own and the motherboard having a somewhat modified ATX layout I have to mod my case (think dremel and sanding) to fit the mobo :(

So as soon as I get that done I'll post some results back here (not to mention a thread about my neat case :) )

jmke 22nd August 2007 08:10

how small is your case;)

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