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RichBa5tard 20th August 2002 10:51

need to increase radio-reception on pc
I've bought a second hand tv/radiocard for my pc, but radio quality sucks donkey balls.

It's not the card itself, my walls are pretty thick & solid, because I can't even make a decent telephone call here...

I'm currently using 2 ordinary antenna's (like those ones you get for free with a hifi) wired together, and all i receive is a local station... and not even in good quality. :/

It's not the card itself, because i tested it at home too and it worked fine. :)

Anyone an idea how to improve reception?

Bosw8er 20th August 2002 11:25

Get the antenna through to the outside, ... watch the lightning !
Do you have cable TV ? Connecting to that cable gives you excellent quality.

RichBa5tard 20th August 2002 11:34

Nope, no cable tv :(

I do have kotnet (telenet) though, If i'm not mistaken that's the same connection...?

How do I extend the antenna? Copper cable?

jmke 20th August 2002 18:05

buy some HQ radio cable & place an antenna in your backyard!

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