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kr15t0f 9th November 2004 17:13

need help with linux
Today I installed linux (suse 9.1) for the first time myself. But after I installed it I got some problems. Because I'm a noob in linux I gonna ask all my linux questions here, if you know the solution answer it simple, because my knowledge of linux is 0.000000000001% at the moment :D

* I installed linux, but I want inet on it, it's connected with my windows pc but my windows pc doesn't seem to find the linux pc (I don't know yet how to find a pc ith linux :) ) pc's are connected with a cross over cable.

That's all for now :D, expect some more questions end this week ;)

edit: good news is I already found the games :D

kr15t0f 9th November 2004 20:30

I got the problem. Seems like my second NIC is dead. Few days ago it still worked, but I think it died today or yesterday. Can't blame it, I found that card in a network pc (P2 266Mhz) so I think it's quiet old.

But now I have to buy a new one :(

kristos 9th November 2004 21:50

you ESD'ed it!!


kr15t0f 9th November 2004 21:53


Originally posted by kristos
you ESD'ed it!!



kristos 9th November 2004 22:03

electro static discharge

you know, the electricity you sometimes get when you touch someone else or the car or ...

kr15t0f 9th November 2004 22:07

btw, how can I format in linux? forgot to remove windows :D

NipSo 6th February 2005 17:59

cfdisk in a terminal ;-)

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