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The Senile Doctor 22nd December 2004 10:06

nav2005 warning
I get this everyday, two times a day :

when I block or when I allow, always I get buffer underrun error after it, and norton is shut down.

Bosw8er 22nd December 2004 14:27

Googled those, second one is from your own forum ? :D

The Senile Doctor 22nd December 2004 14:51

damn, I didn't remember I owned one!
Alzheimer medication, here I come!!

hm, I think it's weird that this kind of worm would be able to remain unspotted on a computer weekly scanned with a fully up to date nav2005+adawarefully updated+spybot fully updated...
could this be something else?
it reoccurs EVERY Day twice...
blasterdestroyers find nothing...

Bosw8er 22nd December 2004 15:32

1) Is your pc behind a router ?

2) What's the complete logbook entry in norton of your error ?

run this one and see what's running

The Senile Doctor 22nd December 2004 18:22

no router

The Senile Doctor 22nd December 2004 18:23

entire message follows when it reappears.

Bosw8er 22nd December 2004 20:44

Copy paste :

I suggest you get rid of DAP, it is open for spyware. Dap is not spyware, but it can open your pc for spyware.

Get "getright" for same functionality.

Proceed with the following if it doesn't stop by removing dap :

Other possibilities/questions :
- logbook norton, what's in it ?
- did you try the removal tool of url1 in post 2 ?
- was there anything usefull in url2 of post 2 ?

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