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Stida 13th June 2008 16:15

Media center (+nas)
Hey all,

I'm thinking of buying a NAS (Network attached storage).
Now I'm wondering what should be the best one (and where to buy)

some criteria:
-2 swappable drives (aka mount drive yourself) (built in drive of 500Gb or more is allowed too)
-at least 1 usb-port with printer support
-Bittorrent support (for downloading linux distro's ;-) )
-Not more than 200

Thanks a lot


Kougar 13th June 2008 18:23

QNAP would get my recommendation. The QNAP TS-209 may bit a bit over 200€ though.

jmke 14th June 2008 22:21

yup QNAP can do that and much more, but priced higher than €200 unfortunately (nearly double!) it does do much more than simple file storage though. review at the site in the coming week(s)

Stida 19th June 2008 12:17

the qnap is just a bit too expensive for just being a nas.
But it gave me a new idea.
I'm also looking for a kind all in one combination tv-set (hdd-recorder, tv, fm radio,...)

Now i'm thinking of building a HTPC which can also be used as a nas --> kind of central data server.

Feel free to drop your ideas here!

jmke 19th June 2008 12:20

ATI HD video for sound&image over HDMI
Hauppage for recording shows in SD resolution
for Digi-TV I have no experience in .BE

CPU power, anything above 2.4Ghz (A64 or C2D) will be sufficient for encoding/decoding.
You can buy a BluRay reader for approx ~€200.

In total the solution will be extremely flexible, but requires a lot of configuration on your end.

Stida 19th June 2008 13:15

I agree with the ati (maybe I'll put my current HD2600XT in it and buy myself a one)
Hauppage WinTV PCI FM looks good
Maybe a Sempron CPU or a celeron (quiet + low power consumption)

No digi-tv
No blu ray

Stida 19th June 2008 13:43

1 Attachment(s)
and a temporary (possible) config

jmke 19th June 2008 13:50

Celeron & encoding & playing of HD content will be very slow; very slow

Stida 19th June 2008 15:16

hmm,... any other suggestions for a htpc (without gfx card) around 300~350 euros (otherwise, I'll buy a combination of hard disk dvd recorder + home cinema)

jmke 19th June 2008 15:29

if you don't care about playback of custom content, a HDD recorder will be cheaper and easier

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