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TeuS 17th February 2004 10:51

this is driving me crazy. I'm install Nagios, a monitoring program, and I've already checked everything ten times and it still doesn't work: I can't read the CGI's

apache config in httpd.conf... it requires user authentiction
=> /usr/local/nagios/sbin for CGI's, /usr/local/nagios/share for the HTML files

i've got the cgi.cfg configured properly. I've got my htpasswd.users in the etc folder and the .htacces in the sbin and share map. .htacces contains this:

AuthName "Nagios Access"
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile /usr/local/nagios/etc/htpasswd.users
require valid-user

that's all correct but I still can't read the CGI's; I did CHMOD 777 on everything and it still can't read it :(

anybody here knows what's the problem ?
someone from my class told the .htacces file can contain a lot more options... I don't find any info on that though

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