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AngeluS 22nd February 2006 13:54

Multiple lines in excel cell

How can I type a text with multiple lines in an MS excel cell.

When I press enter I jump immediately to the cell under the one I was editing.
The same with CTRL+ENTER and SHIFT+ENTER.
Is there a way to edit a text in a cell and use enters in it?

Possible solution is typing the text in another editor with the hard enters and stuff, just like I want the text and then copy/paste it to the excell cell. But it is easier and faster if I can do it immediately in excell.
In Openoffice Calc it works with CTRL+ENTER. Unfortunately at work when creating official documents I have to use M$ stuff. :(


jmke 22nd February 2006 14:03

Excel's online help - 20 seconds:

"To start a new line of text at a specific point in a cell, click where you want to break the line, and then press ALT+ENTER."

it works

AngeluS 22nd February 2006 14:38

hehe, oops.
Should have thought about the program's own help function.
Shame on me. :D
It's been ages since I used an apps own help function. Normally I google or just ask someone else. Works like a charm.

Thanx for the help jmke. :)

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