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goingpostale1 4th February 2006 03:59

Mouse Lag????
I've got a very very weird problem. My mouse lags for about a second. I've checked all my drivers, no conflicts in device manager. and this has just started happening out of the blue. I switched to a usb to ps2 converter hoping this would make this problem stop. This makes the lag last only about half a second and occur with less frequency, but it still exists. Anyone have any ideas?

jmke 4th February 2006 04:04

have you tried changing PCI latency?

don't know if this will affect mouse

goingpostale1 4th February 2006 06:54

downloaded,installed, no idea how to use, really wish I had another USB mouse with which to test :/

jmke 7th February 2006 13:19

"no idea how to use,"

STEP 1. open the pci latency tool
STEP 2. Rightclick on your graphics card and click change setting(s)
STEP 3. change to desired setting and hit ok
Step 4. click settings and select apply at startup so it has a tick next to it
STEP 5. click settings and select save so everything you have just done is saved
STEP 6. right click on your video card and click quickset latency (if you want to set it straight away).

info on values:

goingpostale1 9th February 2006 07:46

Found it, installed Logitech drivers from disk to see what would happen when I reinstalled XP a bit back. Seems they were kind enough to turn on Mouse Acceleration without asking me. Never again I say

jmke 9th February 2006 08:47

I never install drivers for the mouse :)

goingpostale1 9th February 2006 17:56

I never did either, but I figured what is the worst it could do? lol....

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