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Richlife 29th March 2008 16:17

which motherboard asus gigabyte
hi all
im looking at upgrading computer and need help

looking at
asus p5k-e

want to play games like c&c 3 and redalert 3 when it comes out

i play my music from computer sending it to a amp in house and outside

any ideas on what sort of board

are these good boards for this

any help would be great


Gamer 29th March 2008 18:10

If you want to play games, you have to look at a good CPU and Grafic card.
Motherboard isn't that important for games.

piotke 29th March 2008 21:22

This is most likely a spam account :)

jmke 29th March 2008 21:49

no doubt about it.

geoffrey 30th March 2008 13:29

Lot's off spam last few weeks... 1 on 2 we're talking with bots!

jmke 30th March 2008 18:04

they are not bots, but people who think they can earn money by spamming:)

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