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mentalcrisis00 23rd November 2008 23:49

Monitor goes to sleep during post, but comes back at windows load
I have a problem that is kind of an off and on thing. Sometimes when I reboot my computer my screen just flashes no signal until either the Winxp splash screen or the desktop. And then other times it will go threw the nvidia and asus post screen fine. Tried switching the monitor cable to the other DVI port and same result, took card out and reseated it. Doesn't seem to be any pattern to it and my card runs fine otherwise. Seems to happen the most when a new driver or software is installed and the program asks to restart and I say yes.

Wouldn't complain usually but it is annoying and wondering if this might be a symptom of a larger problem? Just upgraded to an xfx 9800gt a couple weeks ago. The only thing I've done to the card is have rivatuner bring the fan speed from 30% to 47% on boot up otherwise the card gets to hot. Should I be worried about this or is it just something I'll have to live with? Also got a new 22inch Asus lcd monitor.

Also tried enableing initial boot device as PCI-E in Bio's, disabling DDC-CI in the monitor options and doesn't help. I by the way have no idea what DDC-CI does.

any opinions would be helpful


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